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Z. A. Enterprises
Manufacturers & Order Suppliers of:
Loose Beads i.e. Brass-Bone-Wood, Glass, Leather Jewellery, & Leather Dori, Cotton Dori, P.V.C. & Imitation Jewellery i.e. Hone, Bone, Stone, Earring, Finger Rings, Belts, Kaffling, Pill Box, Broche, Hair Clip, Tops, Paintings, Bracelet, Brass, Wood, Glass, Leather Photo Frame, Dress Button & Pendil
2822, Pahari Bhojla, Jama Masjid, Delhi-110 006
Phone: 91-11-3280403

M.R. Pantograph Engravers
Specialists in all Kind of Engraving, Like I.F.T. canes, T.V. & Antenna Wire, Machinery & Electrical. Tablets. Tich Bottles. Cookers, Lighters, Toys, Plastics, Key-Rings. Tin Bottle Caps. Medals, Badges, Fountain Pen, Stainless Steel, Horn, Gabriel, Motor parts, Control anal Mimic Diagrams, Keolettering devices, Keo Stencil Sets, Keo Templates, Keo Moulded Stencils * Engraves panel Name Plates etc. 
3891-3894, Khirki Tafazzul Husain, Near Jagat Cinema, New Delhi-110002
Phone 3286580

A.R.  Engravers & Die Makers.
Specialists in all type of Engraving, by Pantograph & by Hand like stamps in Steel Brass Copper Electrode (Master) and Plastic Postal Stamp & all other Material Stamps making by Machine & By Hand and all type of Exports Handicraft Items Novelties and Embossing Dies including all types of Metal Works and Metal Sheet-Dies also i.e. Medals, Badges, Fountain Pen, Stainless Steel, etc. 
852, Chhatta Unchi Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Ballimaran, Delhi-6 Phone : 3921290
Shop : 1782, Lal Kuan Delhi-6
Phone : 3921290 (p.p.)




Asian Metal Arts
Whole Sale Dealers in:
all Kind of Handicrafts Beads, Brass Balls & Chains & manufacturer of Necklaces in all colors.
3034/1, Main Road, Turkman Gate,
Asif Ali Road, Delhi-110006
Phone : (shop) 3238639, 3232346
(Off.) 3263797
e-mail :

Creative Handicrafts
Deals in:
Brass Loose, Beads, All sorts of Buttons, Wooden-Cane, Rings, Artificial Jewllery etc.
Contact: Shah Faisal Khan
1864, Turkman Gate, Delhi-1110006
Phone : Shop: 3243158 Off: 3271176

Shahan Exims
Textiles, Sequins, Garments, Jewellery & Handicrafts
2414, Street Gudriyan, 
Turkman Gate, Delhi-6 (India)
Phone : 91-11-3254378
Fax : 91-11-6477755
Fax : 91-116463322

All Ashfaq Jewelers
Gold & Silver Jewellry
1424, Bazar Chitli Qabar Jama Masjid, Delhi-6
Phone : 3270056

Sony Art Palace
deals in Indian Handicraft, Artificial jewelry, Brass Art, Animal Wall Plates, White Metal Tea Sets. Lemon Sets. and Ice Cream Set etc.  hardware etc. 
4161, Urdu Bazar, Jama Masjid Delhi-6 Phone:3265095/3281757